Welcome to Smoketown Family Wellness Center!


We look forward to welcoming you and your family to The Center. We offer many services:

• Meeting with our Family Coach to identify your family’s strengths and needs.
• Comprehensive medical care for your child, including well visits with school forms and vaccines; sports physicals; asthma care; ADHD evaluation and management and same day sick care.
• Wellness Classes including parenting, cooking, financial literacy, exercise, and so much more!


We would also like to improve our delivery of care to your family by:

• Partnering with you through our Parent Advisory Council.
• Evaluating our services and programming with our research team.
• Receiving feedback from our community partners.


Life is challenging, and none of us have grown up in the perfect household. Some of us, however, have experienced more challenges than others. As your Wellness Team, we want to support you through your life experiences.


It is important to know that even though we may face challenges, negative life experiences are only ‘a part’ of anyone’s story. Resilience (the ability to bounce back), is an important part of our stories! As we reflect on life’s challenges, we can appreciate our ability to bounce back and encourage others as they do the same.


We would like to thank you for sharing information, providing feedback, and allowing us to serve your family.


Reminder: SFWC is located in a residential building with approximately 30 apartment homes. Please respect the residents who live here by using the intercom system to buzz in (press “1” and the green button) and keeping noise to a minimum while outside of the Center.



The Smoketown Family Wellness Center Team

760 S. Hancock St., Ste B100